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Oh, Glorious Day: Hot Cakes Plans a Capitol Hill Location

With smoked-chocolate ice cream and s'mores grilling indoors and out.

By Allecia Vermillion September 17, 2014

Map via Google. Images via Hot Cakes' Facebook page. Remedial arrow-drawing tutorial via our patient art department.

When she wasn't busy organizing the inaugural Sweet Week, Autumn Martin of Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery was apparently busy signing a lease for the second location of her marvelous sweet shop.

Come next year, Hot Cakes will have an outpost at 1650 E Olive Way, at the former site of B&O Espresso. The menu of molten cakes, cookies, fancy milkshakes, cocktails, grilled sandwiches of cheese and chocolate, and boozy drinking caramel will expand upon the lineup at the original Hot Cakes in Ballard. The larger space (50 seats and 2,500 square feet) leaves room for some cool additions. Like a photo booth, a mezzanine, mini hibachi grills for year-round s'mores, and in-house ice cream production. There's talk of smoked chocolate ice cream; if it's anything like her cold-smoked chocolate chips, I'm in.

A covered patio offers 25 more seats, plus a fire pit for outdoor s'mores-roasting action. Though it might be a bit chilly when Martin opens the doors...she's aiming for the first quarter of 2015.

The Hot Cakes Facebook page should provide the occasional update.



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