Each week between now and Labor Day, we present a new or unsung patio for your alfresco imbibing needs.

Humble Pie doesn’t so much have a patio as it is a patio. There’s precious little room in the tiny restaurant space, so its Central and International District–extracted patrons content themselves to spill out the door and feast on their pies and microbrews on a scattering of picnic tables. 

The wood-fired pizzas, in combos like apple-spiced walnut with Beecher's Flagship and soppressata-mushroom, are legit. So are the humble prices.

On the booze side, local brews are available in pints, pitchers, and growlers alongside a small selection of ciders and wines. Not that you'd need any of the above to enjoy the conviviality of this drop-in neighborhood spot, but they certainly couldn't hurt.

For the lowdown on the menu and the chicken coop (and a close-up of one of the pies in question), check out Kathryn Robinson's review from our August issue.


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