Each week between now and Labor Day, we present a new or unsung patio for your alfresco imbibing needs. 

When Jen Doak and Mike Whisenhunt took over the former home of Le Gourmand, they opened up the wall between the legendary restaurant and its equally legendary sibling, Sambar, adding a floor of pennies in the former bar space, but—thank goodness—preserving its magical patio.

The space is skinny and seats go fast. No need for blankets or heaters today, but they will surely be pressed into service again soon. Leafy charm aside, the patio's best asset might be Whisenhunt's splendid (if starchless) menu, alongside a glass (fine, bottle) of rose.

Here's a bonus photo from critic Kathryn Robinson's review of Brimmer and Heeltap, which landed online this morning. 


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