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Fremont Brewing's solid open air experience.

Image: Miles Fortune

Every summer we clamor for places to eat and drink outside. And every summer there's a handful of patios that dominate the conversation. So we spent the summer exploring patios that are brand new, or woefully underheralded. Here's a full alfresco accounting of what we did on our summer vacation.

The Piazza at the Sorrento Hotel (So quaint it's almost unbearable)

The New Biergarten at Rhein Haus (Decked out with bocce, TVs, and its own bar)

Empire Espresso's Alleyway Courtyard in Columbia City (No frills, but great coffee and lots of sunshine)

The Original Chuck's Hop Shop (Kids, dogs, and incredible beer)

Mezcaleria Oaxaca's Deluxe Capitol Hill Rooftop (There's a rumor involving a taco truck and a crane)

Ballard's Delightfully Low-Key Pono Ranch (Vitamin D and Vitamin R) 

Brimmer and Heeltap's Sambar Reincarnation (Leafy, secluded—and heated)

Humble Pie's Chicken-Dwelling Pizza Haven (It doesn't so much have a patio as it is a patio)

Fremont Brewing's Massive Beer Garden (Way bigger than it used to be)

Red Cow's Kinda-Hidden Garden in Madrona (Delightfully secluded, yet always full)

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