Pork belly adobo and lugaw. Photo via Kraken Congee's Facebook page.

Thank goodness my colleague Kathryn Robinson has been keeping an eye on the flurry of food delivery apps that have either launched in or expanded to Seattle of late.

I haven't partaken much of this boom, but one of the recent arrivals, Lish, strikes an interesting note. Some apps let users order straight from familiar restaurants, or an in-house chef. Lish lets you choose a meal based on who's cooking (and, duh, the dish itself). This theoretically allows aspiring chefs to build a following without going the two traditional routes: shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for a food truck, or busting ass to put on a pop-up dinner on their day off. 

The app's small but growing roster of chefs have varying degrees of connection to the restaurant world, but this week it added Shane Robinson and Garrett Doherty, two-thirds of the very successful monthly Kraken Congee popup (and recent reality TV victors). So rather than slog across town to Queen Anne during a Monday night rush hour and trying to occupy an infant while awaiting a table at Kraken's monthly meal, I can summon a Filipino-style lugaw rice porridge topped with adobo-braised pork belly to my house, eat it, then give people the impression that I spend my weeknights cavorting at hip pop-ups.

I admit, I'm quite enamored with the idea of supporting ambitious up and comers while simultaneously wearing sweatpants. Lish's delivery fee is $4 and meals come cold with heating instructions.

Geekwire recently road tested a bunch of the delivery services around town (honestly, who is coming up with these names?), including Lish. I'm curious to see who else joins in.



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