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Full Tilt Ice Cream Is Doing a Summer Pop Up

Oh, and did we mention the ice cream truck? And the new Live at Full Tilt music series?

By Allecia Vermillion June 23, 2014

Coming soon to a tricycle near you. Provided you are on the Amazon campus. Image via Full Tilt's Facebook page.

Full Tilt’s ice cream bars have been a little bit like hobbits or the white whale, or furlough from a fictional women's prison in upstate New York. They're often discussed, but rarely seen. That’s apparently changing. 

Owner Justin Cline says his crew used to make his icy, fruit-centered paletas and chocolate-dipped ice cream bars by hand, using a very few molds and freezing them overnight before packaging them all by hand. Now the excellent ice creamery has a machine that cranks out 380 bars every few minutes. That's enough to fuel a summertime pop-up on the Amazon campus.

Soon, the good people of Amazonia will be able to buy molded bars of horchata or salted caramel ice cream dipped in chocolate from an ice cream tricycle that roams the Amazon campus. (It’s operated by food service company Bon Appetit and not to be confused with Full Tilt’s own ice cream tricycle, which does most of its roaming in Burien.) Cline says this all starts happening today; keep an eye on Full Tilt's Facebook page for more specifics.

Previously all the labor that goes into these bars relegated them to festivals and other one-off events. They’re now available in Full Tilt’s Ballard and U District locations, and soon they’ll be for sale at Central Co-op. Same goes for the paletas, which come in flavors like strawberry basil, mango chile, raspberry lemonade, and cucumber lime. 

Also exciting: Cline says Full Tilt's ice cream truck is perhaps a few weeks away from being street legal.

Also also exciting: In August the ice cream company will debut its new series, Live at Full Tilt. "We're going to record bands and release the live performance as an audio download," says Cline. Every quarter, these performances will get pressed onto a seven-inch record.

"A lot of bands that have played here in the past, including some of the bigger ones, have agreed to do it," says Cline. He says Rats in the Grass in on board, but of course declined all my pestering about Mudhoney.

In short: Full Tilt is busy doing a lot of delightful things. And it's going to be a great summer.



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