Tacocat. Their flavor sounds way cooler than Cherry Garcia.

Seattle’s music scene is currently moonlighting as a source of inspiration for ice cream flavors. First there was Full Tilt Ice Cream’s collaboration with Mudhoney. Then the ice creamery teamed up with Sir Mix-a-Lot, inspiring lots of of delightful hindquarters-themed potential flavor names. 

Now Bluebird Microcreamery is honoring the excellent local band Tacocat with a flavor of its own, called Choco-Tacocat. While the band itself is a gleeful pop tornado of period references and stoner humor, their namesake ice cream flavor is a sendup of one of the world’s pre-eminent taco-inspired ice cream desserts. Though like the band, choco tacos probably have their own fan base amongst the pot-smoking and premenstrual sets. 

Choco-Tacocat translates to vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate-dipped waffle cones. The band itself will be DJing at the release party, which happens May 1 at 6pm at the microcreamery's Pike Street shop. Keep an eye on Bluebird's Facebook for additional whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Mix has decreed his Full Tilt flavor will be My Toffee's on Broadway (I was rooting for I Like Big Butterscotch) and Eater Seattle says Full Tilt will create a flavor in honor of the Presidents of the United States of America. Did you think it wasn't going to be called Millions of Peaches?


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