From top left: Smarty Pants, Matt's in the Market, Georgetown Liquor Company, La Bodega, Serious Biscuit, Rain Shadow Meats Squared, Marination Ma Kai, Homegrown, Dot's Deli

Image: Olivia Brent

What are you having for lunch?

Chances are you’re grabbing it on the fly and munching it at your desk—the midday repast now a forgotten pleasure, sandwiched between the Most Important Meal and evening’s main event. But what if we offered you a way to really love your lunch? Gave you a list of sandwiches so extraordinary they’re worth every minute in line? Annotated maps to the business districts listing the lunchtime delis and takeout joints that are actually worth a jaunt from the cubicle? Great spots for power lunching—steps from the office and fat-cat approved?

It’s all here. Go eat it up. 

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