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Trucktoberfest Coming in October

The organizers behind Mobile Food Rodeo want to revolutionize the way you eat and drink for Oktoberfest.

By Chelsea Lin January 29, 2014

In the dark, dismal days of January, we need something to look forward to—something like eating sliders and tacos and tiny donuts in the sunshine of May, August, and (now) October.

The organizers of Seattle’s popular Mobile Food Rodeo, which last year launched Seattle Street Food Festival, are announcing they’re adding a third diesel-fueled food event in 2014: Trucktoberfest. Think of it like Fremont’s Oktoberfest, but with more dining options.

The two-day affair will be held at Husky Stadium’s E lot (between the stadium and University Village) the weekend of October 4 and 5, with 35 food trucks and more than 15 beers—mostly local, mostly Oktoberfest-y—on tap, plus a special pairing guide to help you plan your culinary tour. “We feel that Seattle deserves an equally diverse food and beverage experience that celebrates the Oktoberfest season with a uniquely fun mobile twist that you’d come to expect at the Mobile Food Rodeo,” says organizer Ryan Reiter.

Though the event hasn't yet been opened to vendors, Reiter says we can expect the usual suspects: Marination Mobile, Skillet, Where Ya At Matt, etc. I'm hoping for a few newcomers as well. 

He mentions, too, that they’ve taken customer feedback from past years’ events and made improvements to Mobile Food Rodeo and Street Food Fest. Both will this year take place over two days and feature sample-sized portions for $5, so guests can try a wider variety of food. Very Important Foodie tickets for the Rodeo (which allows folks to use a special express line for $25) go on sale February 15 here.

Stay tuned for further details on all the street food events as they finalize vendors and details.


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