Super Booze

The Nosh Pit Super Bowl Drinking Game

Because your liver won't get this kind of workout again until next season.

By Matthew Halverson January 30, 2014

Far be it from us to assume you’ll have a beverage (or two) handy during the Super Bowl this weekend. But just in case you do, we’ve whipped up a little drinking game to keep things interesting. Because if the game goes the way we hope it will (read: a blowout by halftime), you’ll need some extra entertainment. Drink up!

  • Each time the camera pans to Macklemore, take a drink.
  • If Fox play-by-play announcer Joe Buck explains the Marshawn Lynch–Skittles connection as if you’ve never heard about it before, take two drinks.
  • If Fox producers show footage of fish tossing at Pike Place Market or a barista making a latte when the game comes back from commercial, take three drinks.
  • If Seahawks defensive tackle Brandon Mebane busts out his sack dance, slam a beer. Because it’s too sexy to look at sober.
  • If oft-injured Percy Harvin is knocked out of the game before halftime, slam a six-pack. Because enough already.
  • If Buck (or color commentator Troy Aikman) makes reference to the 2006 settlement between the Seahawks and Texas A&M over the use of the phrase 12th Man, do two shots. Because, come on, it’s been almost eight years.
  • Each time Pete Carroll high fives one of his players, do two shots.
  • If Carroll busts out his top hat, monocle, and cane, do a keg stand.
  • Every fifth time Denver QB Peyton Manning yells Omaha, take a drink. (Any more frequently than that, and you’ll be trashed by halftime.)
  • If the word thug is uttered once, throw your drink at the TV.
  • If Macklemore texts Peyton Manning a post-game apology for the Seahawks beating the Broncos (“You guys deserved to win.”), drink everything.



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