Far be it from us to assume you’ll have a beverage (or two) handy during the Super Bowl this weekend. But just in case you do, we’ve whipped up a little drinking game to keep things interesting. Because if the game goes the way we hope it will (read: a blowout by halftime), you’ll need some extra entertainment. Drink up!

  • Each time the camera pans to Macklemore, take a drink.
  • If Fox play-by-play announcer Joe Buck explains the Marshawn Lynch–Skittles connection as if you’ve never heard about it before, take two drinks.
  • If Fox producers show footage of fish tossing at Pike Place Market or a barista making a latte when the game comes back from commercial, take three drinks.
  • If Seahawks defensive tackle Brandon Mebane busts out his sack dance, slam a beer. Because it’s too sexy to look at sober.
  • If oft-injured Percy Harvin is knocked out of the game before halftime, slam a six-pack. Because enough already.
  • If Buck (or color commentator Troy Aikman) makes reference to the 2006 settlement between the Seahawks and Texas A&M over the use of the phrase 12th Man, do two shots. Because, come on, it’s been almost eight years.
  • Each time Pete Carroll high fives one of his players, do two shots.
  • If Carroll busts out his top hat, monocle, and cane, do a keg stand.
  • Every fifth time Denver QB Peyton Manning yells Omaha, take a drink. (Any more frequently than that, and you’ll be trashed by halftime.)
  • If the word thug is uttered once, throw your drink at the TV.
  • If Macklemore texts Peyton Manning a post-game apology for the Seahawks beating the Broncos (“You guys deserved to win.”), drink everything.



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