Ow, My Head

6 Edible Hangover Cures to Usher in the New Year

Because we know you'll probably drink too much tonight.

By Malcolm Griffes December 31, 2013

Hungover or not, any burger with fries, bacon, and an egg is OK in our book. Photo courtesy of Blue Moon Burger's Facebook page.

After a New Year's Eve spent partying and drinking far too much champagne, a hangover fix is often the first item on the agenda of the new year. So before you tackle those resolutions to do more hot yoga or bike to work or whatever, here are some spots around town to seek the cure, all of which are open on New Year's Day:

Blue Moon Burgers
A burger can be the best cure for a hangover. The combination of meat, cheese, and condiments can really soak up the booze and get you back on your feet. Blue Moon’s Hangover Burger is probably your best choice: eggs and bacon give it the feel of a traditional breakfast, while the patty and fries  remind you that it’s probably more than a little after noon.

Ba Bar
Pho is a classic go-to for a hangover in Seattle, and Ba Bar does one of the best in town. The price tag may make you wonder if it’s worth it, compared to a cheaper alternative from Than Bros or Pho Bac but, after your first slurp you realize it is totally worth it (here are a few reasons why). After the pho revitalizes you, try the Double Happiness to really bring in 2014.

Lost Lake
This greasy spoon has the dive-bar/taxidermy look down, and the hash browns are pretty amazing, too. Lost Lake is a good place to replace the lingering fuzziness of the hangover with greasy goodness, and you wouldn't be the only one if you chose to wash it all down with a hair-of-the-dog Bloody Mary.

Linda’s Tavern
Speaking of hair-of-the-dog, Linda’s will be open for brunch, which means one thing: mimosa pitchers. Also check out the chili cheese fries. Who cares if you spent New Year's Eve here, too? 

We've already established that fried food can do wonders for a hangover, and fried chicken is definitely king. Join Oprah and head to Ezell's—halfway through your second piece of crispy fried chicken, you will have completely forgotten that your head was hurting in the first place.

Continue drinking in the morning, but in a healthier way. The newish brick-and-mortar from the farmer’s market favorite has fresh juices to cure your hangover. Drop in for a healthy brunch, or opt in for one of their popular juice cleanses to get a head start on a healthy 2014. 


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