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Ba Bar Needs a New Name for its Pastry That Is Definitely Not a Cronut™

A ridiculous pastry by any other name...

By Allecia Vermillion November 4, 2013

A sense of humor is key when these pastries are involved. Image via Ba Bar's Facebook page.

Ba Bar's pastry saga continues. In August, the restaurant debuted its own version of the doughnut-croissant hybrid pastry that boasts an international hype worthy of a Nathan Myhrvold-Paula Deen love child. Then the departure of pastry chef Karen Krol meant the frenzy-inducing pastries were put on hiatus

They're slated to return November 16. However there's the small matter of the cease and desist letter that Ba Bar reportedly received. You see, cronuts are a litigious business. Their inventor, baker Dominique Ansel, trademarked the term, so other versions must use tedious alternative monikers. Ba Bar was calling its creation the croughnut, but apparently that was not enough.

The Ba Bar Facebook page lays out the terms...

We can no longer refer to this ridiculous pastry by its original name or by any name that rhymes with its original name or by any name that uses the original name in vain. So, until we can come up a proper designation for this seemingly harmless round croissant with a hole in the middle that has been deep fried to savory perfection, it shall be now known as The Pastry That Shall Not Be Named.

Delightful Harry Potter references aside, that's an awfully long title for a freaking fried doughnut-croissant. So Ba Bar is seeking ideas for a new name, as Miranda Krone did for her version over at Meander's. Leave your idea in the comment section of the Facebook post and look for a winner to be announced November 12, before production resumes on the 16th. The winner gets "100 versions of said pastry." With one caveat: "You can't come back a year later and say it was your idea and get all cranky and sue us."


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