Carrie, that doesn't look like practical footwear for the kitchen. Photo via Bravo.

Top Chef returns tonight, though this season won't be set in our fair city. It was filmed in New Orleans, but has a powerhouse contestant from the 206: the lovely Carrie Mashaney of Spinasse and the soon-to-open Aragona.

You may also remember her from our June issue?

Mashaney's boss, Jason Stratton, is a longtime fan of the show. He says he plans to watch at the Bottleneck Lounge, where owner Erin Nestor has organized a viewing party/Carrie cheering session that kicks off at 9. Bartender Kevin Lilley will be serving up New Orleans–appropriate Abitas and Sazeracs (and, I wager, a fair amount of Fernet).

Stratton says he's trying to coerce Mashaney to be there, too. Earlier this week, Mashaney told Rebekah Denn of the Seattle Times that she wasn't entirely sure she wanted to see herself on screen.

The season's first episode airs tonight, October 2, at 10pm. Check out the video below for a glimpse into the usual showboating, swear bleeping, and Mashaney professing her anxiety about not having enough oyster cream. Woman, we cannot wait to see you in action.


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