Carrie would have to do some serious spray-tanning if she wanted to be a member of One Direction. Photo mash-up: One Direction from headshot from Bravo

The adorable and talented Carrie Mashaney debuted on Top Chef this week as the small town girl with an ego to match. As Allecia Vermillion, the Top Chef recap queen in my book, says, “The show is clearly portraying her as all modest and aww shucksy, but that actually rings pretty true. And hopefully this is some overt Bravo-style foreshadowing to her kicking some serious ass.”

Obviously we're team Carrie around these parts. But nothing invites snark like a Top Chef recap, and it's interesting to see how writers around the country viewed our local contestant upon first glance.

One Directioner Carrie:
Grub Street’s Dave Holmes thinks Mashaney would make an excellent sixth member of the pop boy band One Direction. He refers to her twice in his recap as “a lady who could fit easily in to One Direction” and “One Directioner Carrie’s chilled poached frog legs with oyster emulsion seems the most refreshing on what is visibly a humid-ass summer night.” Well, it’s good to see that he believes her cooking looks as awesome as her cute cropped boy cut.  

Insecure Carrie:
Therese Odell from the SF Chron's Tubular blog, dubs Mashaney "Insecure Carrie." She says, "Carrie is from Seattle and needs to deal with her insecurities." Snap. This brings a female version of SNL's Shy Ronnie to mind, though does that mean Tom Colicchio is playing Rihanna in this scenario?

Nervous Carrie:
Eater National makes note that Mashaney seems to hide from the big T-Coli. Saying she, “is nervous around Colicchio and worried that her more humble beginnings, when compared against the other chefs in the competition, means that she shouldn't be there.” Well, she proved herself wrong on that one.

Super Nervous Carrie:
Chowhound also notices Mashaney’s fear of Colicchio. Saying, “She gets through the convo with him, but she's very nervous.” Obviously she is playing up (aka edited as) the small town underdog contestant this year. 

"Fingers Crossed" Carrie:
The classy publication called Trash Talk TV has a recap of the first episode entitled “Nineteen Noobs in New Orleans.” The writer J-Mo refers to Mashaney a few times, making note that her mom played a big role in teaching her to cook and that Mashaney's got her fingers crossed, which he says "if that fails it’s a short hop to flipping the double-bird on her way out." I don't know, she doesn't seem like a double-bird-type to me, more of a "I tried my best."

From Adam Roberts's Cartoon Recap of Top Chef episode one.

Comic Book Carrie:
The Amateur Gourmet’s Adam Roberts has a cheeky comic book style recap, in which he makes several jokes about Padma seeming half asleep. Our girl Carrie makes a frame with a shot of the chefs watching the judge's table live feed—one of the new twists to this season. Her thought bubble reads “Can’t we watch something else?”

Top Chef airs on Bravo, Wednesday nights at 10pm. Stay tuned for a weekly recap here on Nosh Pit. 


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