Mashaney at last year's Wild About Game.

Well, well. It looks like Seattle is fielding a competitor in the upcoming season of Top Chef after all. And it's an impressive one. This morning the network announced that Carrie Mashaney will compete on the new season, shot recently in New Orleans. We think she's pretty great, too

Mashaney has long been Jason Stratton's lieutenant at Spinasse, and is preparing to run the kitchen at Aragona, Stratton's new Spanish restaurant opening September at First and Union.

The sparkly-upbeat Mashaney probably won't be one to engage in catfights and other reality TV shenanigans, though my money's on her if she does—girl does CrossFit. But she's sharp, ferociously good at what she does, knows a wealth of techniques, and started out as a pastry chef, so she (knock on wood) won't be sent home for making a crappy wedding cake or some such. Mashaney is a regular in local chef competition-type events, so cooking under weird conditions shouldn't phase her too much.

Stratton is a huge fan of the show, so he must be totally geeking out on this. Oh, wait—I am, too. This almost—almost—makes up for the show's disappointing Seattle season.

Top Chef New Orleans premieres October 2. Bravo is releasing the competitor names in batches; Eater National has been all over it.



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