It looks like two new downtown food truck pods could be ready to roll in August. Look for them at the Pike Hillclimb’s intersection with Alaskan Way, and at Westlake Park, on the curb of Pine Street at Fourth, near that new kids’ climbing structure. 

The Hillclimb site could accommodate one truck and as many as three carts at a time, says SDOT's Brian de Place. "Pod" is maybe a strong word for the Westlake location since there's only room for one truck, though different ones could rotate in each day. 

The city's thinking: Food trucks might encourage some positive activity in areas that often see various shenanigans (much like the pod being considered over in Pioneer Square). If the pilot program goes well, Seattle could designate more food truck sites in the future, says de Place. "Legitimate activity is always better than other activities."

Several trucks have already applied, he says, and the city is in the midst of its requried public comment period. It ends July 30, so you could see actual food being served in these spots in the next two to four weeks.

Since the city loosened up its street food laws in 2011, generally truck owners apply to the city if they’re interested in parking in a certain spot. This is the first time, says de Place, that Seattle has designated areas that would be good for trucks (meaning trucks don't have to spend their time proving that location meets the various code requirements, and the city will pick up the tab for the requisite public notice of the application). Welcome to the new era of food truck as civic improvement device.


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