Soon as in tomorrow! Photo via Blind Pig at Eastlake Teriyaki's Facebook page.

Aww, it seems like just yesterday that Blind Pig Bistro owners Charles Walpole and René Gutierrez announced they were taking over the former Eastlake Teriyaki space next door to their delightfully extemporaneous restaurant. Now Blind Pig sends word that its new venture, Blind Pig at Eastlake Teriyaki, opens its doors tomorrow, July 24.

The new spot will be open weekdays from 11 to 9, offering lunch and takeout options, both things you won’t find at the original Blind Pig Bistro next door. Reportedly on the opening day menu: a pork belly banh mi, fried catfish sandwich, beet, quinoa, or watermelon panzanella salads, and daily aguas frescas.

While Gutierrez was the front-of-house guy at Blind Pig, he's channeling his culinary background to run the kitchen over here and has promised some Mexican dishes from his own heritage. The long-term plan is to add a bar in the new space and make it a cocktail-serving adjunct to Blind Pig Bistro. But that’s a ways off, and for now I’m plenty excited about stopping in for a lunchtime falafel or quinoa salad.