Custer and her rig. Photo via Monte Cristo's Facebook page.

Last night I caught up with Danielle Custer for a few more details on the lamentable leavetaking of Monte Cristo. So here’s the major distinction: The truck and the concept are headed south to Portland; Custer is staying right here. The purchase offer from an undisclosed Portland technology company came so fast, she says, that she’s still processing what it all means.

The transition is bittersweet, she says, and what kills her the most is denying the grilled cheese fix to the devoted fan base Monte Cristo has built in the past 10 months. Custer is still a part of Bon Appetit Management Company, and says she’s in talks about several different potential projects, but nothing official yet. And while she’s excited to restore a little work/life balance after she says her goodbye to the truck, she definitely hasn’t ruled out returning to the food truck game.

“I loved feeding people every day, and that intimacy that feeding people has,” she says. “I think I needed that for myself at this time in my career. And I love how honest that business is.” For the love of pete, the woman owns dangly earrings shaped like tiny grilled cheeses.

She’s also glad to have a few more weekends to bestow her melty, paleo-antithetical creations upon the people of Seattle. Here’s Monte Cristo’s schedule, and info on the big sendoff planned for August 16 at Second and Pike.