Have your cake—erm, sushi—and eat it too. On June 18, utter the word "blue" and you just won yourself a free sushi roll. Courtesy of Blue C Sushi on Facebook.

Blue is the color of happiness this month, and here’s why. In celebration of International Sushi Day, Seattle-based Blue C Sushi is awarding a free sushi roll all day June 18 to customers who say the word “BLUE." Sadly you get no extra points for making Tobias Funke jokes. Or for singing this song. Please, don't sing this song.

All six of Blue C’s locations will be participating, so chances are you’re closer to a free Sekai roll than you think. Oh and that Sekai roll? It's made with Tahitian yellowfin tuna, Japanese yellowtail, kimchi cucumber, toasted pine nuts, jalapeno, and curried Korean chili flakes. It's one of the creations of the company's culinary vice president Jeffrey Lunak, former corporate chef to Iron Chef Morimoto.

If a chance to win a free trip for two is more your thing, hit up Blue C’s Facebook page to enter this contest.

And one more: 

Pearl Bar and Dining and Koral Bar and Kitchen are offering another  sweet deal this month, and this one on every weekend. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights in June, diners get a complimentary entree when buying one of equal (or, obviously, greater) value. All you have to do is print off the flier (or just pull up it on your iThing), which can be found on either Koral or Pearl’s Facebook pages. Cheers to that.