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Where to Play Games With Dad on Father's Day

We're talking about the sort of games that allow for simultaneous beer consumption.

By Cassandra Callan June 11, 2013

Sitting on the couch drinking beer does not count as a game. Image via Fox.

Golf for Father's Day is a little obvious, don't you think? Consider handing dad a karaoke microphone, or teaching him the term “barcade” and letting him work on his rusty Pac-Man skills while he drinks a beer. Whatever game he chooses—be it shuffleboard or cornhole—it’s a great way to bond and show dad one hell of a day out on the town. Check out one of these spots to do some serious game play on Father’s Day. 

If dad is a video gamer…

Then Capitol Hill’s John John’s Gameroom or Add a Ball in Fremont will bring him back to the days when staying up until 3 o’clock in the morning to finish a level of Super Mario Brothers (or Atari? Pong?) was no big deal. At both locations find a mix of old-school cabinet games like Pac-Man, Street Fighter, and Contra. Better yet, dad might not know the term “barcade” but surely he can understand the appeal of pinball with booze: Both locations serve beer and cider. If dad wants a stiffer drink there’s the classic pinball bar, Shorty’s in Belltown. He may stand out from the punk rock regulars, but he’ll dig the selection of pinball games like Family Guy and Addams Family.

If dad’s a baller…

A bocce baller, that is. Then take him to the impressive German-style beer hall Von Trapp’s on Capitol Hill so he can marvel at the array of tap beers, cured sausages, and the stylishly dressed hipster crowds. But really, he'll appreciate those five indoor bocce courts. It’s The Sound of Music meets a drunken Walt Disney at VT’s, and that will be the kind of joke dad makes to the cocktail server, if not just to embarrass you. 

If dad doesn’t know what cornhole is…

Bring dad to Populuxe Brewing in Ballard to teach him a thing or two about the popular Midwest beer-drinking pastime. The lawn game has grown in popularity as of late thanks to all the transplants from cornhole country and involves beanbags, boards with holes, and your best lob pass. Buy dad a round or two of the brewery's double IPA and toss the day away. And if you’re lucky Latin food truck El Sabroso will be serving up tacos and tortas, or maybe it’ll be pie from Streetzeria. Either way a delicious food truck should be parked out back to keep your cornholing stamina up.

If dad can shuffle like none other…

Shuffleboard that is, and Auto Battery on Capitol Hill has the dad-ideal combination of games, Po’ Dogs, cocktails, and TVs. Dad can teach you about the perfect slide over the waxy tabletop, all while devouring a deep-fried danger dog and sucking down a Manny’s. If pretzels and burgers are more his thing head over to South Lake Union to Tom Douglas’s Brave Horse Tavern. Beat the rush and go for breakfast; it’s not just anywhere that you can play shuffleboard in between bites of eggs Benedict and sips of a beermosa. Bonus rule: drink every time you hear one of the coeds that frequent Brave Horse say, “everyday I’m shufflin’.”

If dad is into role-playing games…

Hey, we don't judge. Hit up Raygun Lounge on Capitol Hill for a morning (well, starting at noon) of World of Warcraft trading card game and an afternoon of Elder Dragon Highlander (a variant of Magic the Gathering) gaming from 5 to 10. Sweet and savory pies from High 5 Pie or a naan-wich will pair nicely with a local brew or possibly a chalice of mead. Or swing on in to Café Mox in Ballard attached to game shop Card Kingdom for a rousing round of Magic or Dominion. An assortment of bites, greens, and sandwiches from a white cheddar burger to peanut butter and jelly are on the menu. Beers, ciders, wines, mead, and energy drinks aplenty to keep you going while you enter a epic one-on-one duel with a dragon or descend into a far away dungeon.

If dad puts the K in Karaoke…

Sunday is all-day happy hour at Capitol Hill karaoke mecca Rock Box, which means room rentals are $4 per person, per hour. Here your group can have a private room to keep dad’s version of “Big Poppa” or “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” contained. You know, depending on how he rolls. Duck fat popcorn and katsu sliders will help keep him on the sober side, since happy hour sake sangria and double wells are only $5. If you’d rather show off dad’s vocals, dive bar Ozzie’s has karaoke nightly with traditional pub grub and a breakfast menu that runs until 8pm on weekends. Sunday also means daily drink specials from 9 to 6pm. First time at karaoke? Here are some tips to help impress dad.


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