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Nosh, the Food Truck Debuts Wednesday

The signature dish: fried rabbit. The prices: never more than $10.

By Allecia Vermillion June 25, 2013

Rest easy, chicken. The signature dish is fried rabbit. Photo via Nosh, the Food Truck.

Newcomer Nosh, the Food Truck makes its debut tomorrow at Ballard brewery Hilliard’s.  The brightly colored mobile is the work of Josh Downey, a former chef at Oceanaire and sous chef at Toulouse Petit, and Harvey Wolff, a chef, former culinary producer, and veteran of several food truck buildouts, including Andrew Zimmern’s AZ Canteen in Minneapolis. 

The aim, says Wolff, is to serve an eclectic mix of dishes, rather than focus on, say, tacos or Creole or Asian food. Though we couldn’t help but notice the menu leans a tiny bit British, with fish and chips and a steak and ale pie alongside caprese or meatloaf sandwiches and a braised beef and barley soup. However the guys are betting their signature item will be the fried rabbit. 

“It comes out like fried chicken,” says Wolff. “We really want people to try rabbit; it’s a nice, lean, wonderful meat.” 

Nosh makes a point of keeping menu items less than $10. “We’re a food truck—we’re aware of that,” says Wolff. However the guys take pride in making their own ingredients, from grinding meat for the meatloaf to cutting their own fries and pulling their own mozzarella. Wolff’s truck-building background also meant Nosh was ready to roll in an impressive four months. 

Nosh the Truck debuts tomorrow, June 16, from 3 to 11 at Hilliard’s, 1550 NW 49th St. Also on deck: classic cars and pints pulled by the Tilted Thunder girls. You can also track its whereabouts via the usual channels—Twitter and Facebook—as well as a GPS locator on the website so you can track the real time location.


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