Image via Ben and Jerry's.

Vermont-founded ice creamery and ‘90s craze Ben and Jerry’s is making a flavor especially for Seattle, to be served on one day only, at a community event on September 14. It’s one of five city-specific flavors (along with San Francisco, DC, New York, and Portland) that’s part marketing, part brilliant social media engagement ploy. 

But all is not snarky, snigger-inducing salmon-and-weed flavor combos here (though I did enjoy Artusi bar manager Adam Fortuna's comment quite a bit). Ben and Jerry’s has partnered with Theo Chocolate and Caffe Vita and put together a sort of choose-your-own-adventure voting process. Ice cream­–minded Seattleites can choose between chocolate or vanilla, as well as brownies or cookie dough, Theo chocolate or yellow cake chunks, and cherries or raspberries.  Each vote is wrapped in Seattleish nomenclature (For instance, Kerry Park or Gum Wall = Caffe Vita or marshmallows). You can make all of these choices online or by Instagramming photos from Kerry Park (for Caffe Vita) or the Gum Wall (for marshmallows) or taking a certain color of reusable tote bag (corresponding to cookies or pretzel chunks) at a neighborhood farmers market. Foursquare checkins at parks or coffee shops will be the clincher in the cherries-or-raspberries debate. 

Confused? Check out the corresponding video full of sunny skies and unbelievably attractive twentysomethings sporting plaid shirts and knit caps (despite that aforementioned nice weather). Voting ends September 1.



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