A small slice of this is coming to Madison Valley. Photo via Cantinetta.

Popular ristorante Cantinetta has set its sights on a new space in Madison Valley—the longtime La Côte space at 2811 E Madison St.

Bar Cantinetta will be smaller than its popular sibling restaurants in Bellevue and Wallingford, with a large antipasti menu, several fresh pasta dishes, and perhaps one secondi, or entrée-sized plate. 

Co-owner Trevor Greenwood says the new location will be “a small window into what we do” at Cantinetta’s other locations (for proof that the Cantinetta team knows its way around more intimate projects, check out the charming Mercato Stellina pizzeria in Bellevue). Greenwood says he has long wanted to open a place in Madison Valley; he’s also a good friend of La Côte owner Arnaud Guérin, so the two worked out an agreement when Guérin decided it was time to close his corner cafe and creperie. 

Bar Cantinetta will open in late July (knock on wood) with a newly open kitchen, a family-style table that seats 12, eight mahogany banquettes, a long bar with seating that runs into the kitchen area, and an open interior boasting chandeliers, ceiling fans, and plenty of recycled wood. On the drinking side of the equation, expect cocktails and lots of Italian and Washington wines.

Unlike other Cantinetta locations, Bar Cantinetta will serve lunch and brunch. “We just want to be consistent with the hours La Côte had.” Cantinetta chef Emran Chowdhury will oversee the menu, and Greenwood says a new location is also a nice change to promote deserving staff members; Ellen Pritchett will come over to manage the new location.


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