These two departing T-Doug staff members got the traditional pie in the face.

 Today is national coconut cream pie day. And, yes, we understand that these food holidays are a little bit ridiculous…but we have to face the facts, if anyone were to be the mascot of this holiday it would be Tom Douglas.

There's three times the coconut. Tom's triple white chocolate coconut cream pie is famous. But Shelly Lance, his cookbook co-author, is actually the mastermind behind the recipe, developed for the original Dahlia Lounge dessert menu. It’s the Justin Timberlake of pies: shredded coconut in the dough, of course the creamy coconut filling, and toasted coconut sprinkled on top, aka a triple threat.

President Obama is a huge fan. When he visits the city, the president usually ends up with a whole pie made just for him. Customers often tell servers they made a specific trip to Seattle just to have a slice of this pie. Planning their whole eating schedule around it. Want to incur some serious wrath? Tell someone who flew all the way from New York that you've sold out (emergency runs to neighboring restaurants for backup pies are common).

Goodbye means a pie. In the Tommy D company, there’s a tradition for a friendly(?) farewell, if you will. If a server or cook gives notice, they best watch their back. On their last shift, a pie in the face is a common sendoff. As a recent alum of Serious Pie, I did my fair share of stealth pie bombings and somehow skated out without getting my due. But don’t tell Tom that.  

Starting at 11am today head to the Dahlia Bakery; the first 300 people get a free coco pie bite. Stay until noon, for a 3-minute, 14-second (get it?) pie-eating contest. The winner gets a $50 gift card, a Dahlia Bakery cookbook, and a whole pie to take home. 

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