The menu presumably does not include horse heart. Photo via Game of Thrones.

 Prepare to feast like the King of the Andals and the First Men on Westeros’s finest cuisines. The Bannerman and Bannerwoman from the tasty food truck How Pickle Got Out of a Jam are holding court and preparing a feast to make Game of Thrones fans descend like White Walkers into the Realm. Sort of like Will the deserter we told you we saw this coming but we didn’t know when or where, but this time, like the Men of the Night’s Watch, we’ve seen it with our own eyes and want to warn everyone ourselves that it’s soon upon us.

On Saturday, June 1starting at 6:30 UW’s Center for Urban Horticulture (3501 NE 41st Street) will become King’s Landing. Dinner shall be banquet style but fear not; according to the organizers, it won’t be anything like the Red Wedding. All three ticket levels include appetizers, a six-course meal and one or four drinks. Spring for the VIP ($125) and you could have a seat at the King’s table. Come as a commoner (aka the $100 general ticket) if you’re mad as a Targaryen but dress like one (or any other of your favorite characters for that matter) and you may just win prizes at the contest—think Brienne of Tarth after King Renly’s tournament.

Send a raven via Brown Paper Tickets, ye of 21 years or more, and expect to be treated like House Barartheon requesting a Hand of the King from Winterfell upon your arrival.