1. Carrot Crisps
Strips of carrot are fried, “then we’ll hit them with sea salt.”

2. Spot Prawns
Bought during the season from a sourcing company in Alaska and block frozen. “Dude called me up; I said I’d love to try them, so he flew down with them on the plane. I said, ‘Send me as many as you can.’ I think I ended up buying 500 pounds of them.” They’re lightly poached in a housemade seafood stock, in the same pan as the bok choy. 

3. Garnish
Housemade curry butter is made with red curry paste, salt, yuzu, lobster base, and lime zest. 

4. Pasta
“It’s executive chef Joe Ritchie’s recipe. We roll it out and hand cut it so it’s a little rough; that’s where the love comes from—putting knife to pasta. Obviously we let it hang dry a little bit to rest it.” A ring mold gives it a loose circular shape.

5. Bok Choy
The leaves are cut into strips since they cook more evenly without the cabbage’s big base. Plus, “It just eats better that way.” 

Published: May 2013

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