The limoncello is on the left.

Recently Letterpress Distilling put out a vodka, and a gin is on the way, but only now is owner Skip Tognetti releasing the liqueur he's long talked about: limoncello. 

Tognetti is of Italian descent and grew up sipping the lemon spirit. A move to Walla Walla as an 18 year old didn't do much to stoke an interest in wine; rather Tognetti endeavored to make his own batches of limoncello.

And so he's done for the past several years. Soon we'll be able to taste the end result, which Tognetti rounds out with honey. Last week he began the wizardly task of proofing initial batches; bottling was to commence shortly thereafter.

Tognetti expects bottles to hit stores by the end of this week (though there may be delays due to labeling). When they do, look for the limoncello at Wine World, Esquin, Downtown Spirits, Bob's in Lake City, and Capco Beverages. Tognetti is hoping to lock down distribution in local restaurants and bars as well.

There's also the tasting room, which is open Saturdays and Sundays until 6pm. It's a a few blocks from CenturyLink Field. Pre-Sounders pitstop?

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