The butcher counter is up front; place food orders in the back, then grab a seat and admire that mural.

Yes, there are steaks and sausages and pates to be purchased at the new Rain Shadow Meats Squared, officially open as of Thursday at 404 Occidental Avenue South. Lots of meat, butchered by owner Russ Flint and his team in the new workspace Flint designed to be cleaned with a hose rather than mops. But you might want to grab a seat and eat something, too (the six vintage soda fountain stools offer an especially cool vantage point of the open prep area). Unlike the charming Melrose Market original, this Rain Shadow doubles as an eatery.

Flint offers a surprisingly broad menu of salads, composed platters, lighter snacks, and of course plenty of meaty items. One thing to know about Flint: The man makes some killer Vietnamese food. He didn't want to randomly insert his pho and other Asian stylings onto an otherwise European menu, but promises to bring it around the shop in some way or another. 

Rain Shadow Squared is open 10–7, seven days a week. Down the road, look for wine, beer, and celery soda made by the lovely Anna Wallace. There's talk of her making root beer, too. Meanwhile, check out the photos above to get acquainted with Pioneer Square's new arrival.

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