Take a seat. El Camión Adentro opens in Ballard Thursday. Photo via elcamionseattle.com.

The latest mobile-to-mortar expansion comes to us Thursday when Scott McGinnis opens El Camión Adentro. The restaurant offshoot of his three popular taco trucks is located at 6416 15 Avenue NW, the erstwhile Zesto's and RoRo BBQ address.

Though opening a permanent location will allow McGinnis and crew to expand on the offerings and—bonus!—serve beer and wine, the model is very much based off his mobile operations. "It's important to me that we stick to our roots," says McGinnis, who grew up eating from taco trucks. The goal is to keep the concept, quality, and experience as similar as possible. (The restaurant's name translates as "the truck inside," even.)

Indeed diners should expect the same menu but with more platos, taquitos, and inhouse tortilla chips—and plenty of places to sit while consuming them. The space seats 65; there's a patio as well. Rather than go full-on restaurant and provide table service, McGinnis says orders are placed at a walk-up counter.

Regulars who request those breakfast burritos will be happy to know El Camión Adentro opens at 8am. And yes, the three trucks will continue to operate as usual.

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