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New from Outlander: Medicinal Beer, an Ale for the Sexually Challenged

Fremont's one-barrel brewery keeps things weird.

By Christopher Werner February 8, 2013

Outlander Brewery keeps it weird.

Back before they would open Outlander in August, owners Dragan Radulovic and Nigel Lassiter promised an assortment of intriguing ales for their one-barrel brewery. The beers they have put out since—a mushroom stout, a yam ale, a chili amber, to name a few—certainly support that claim, and oh does the tradition continue with three upcoming releases.

There's a graham cracker ale due within the next several weeks. "We mashed 14 pounds of graham cracker and tossed a few vanilla beans in for good measure," explains Lassiter, the brewing half of the duo. For Valentine's Day he is concocting an American pale ale called Goats and Roses, named for the two dominant ingredients: rose petals and horny goat weed—aka epimedium, aka a centuries-old aphrodisiac. With its rosy aroma and subtle earthy flavors, it's "weird good," says Lassiter. And apparently quite helpful in certain situations.

Finally, and perhaps even weirder, is Astraglus and Schisandra. It's a medicinal beer and part of a series of releases called Healing of the Nation; some folks from Bastyr consulted. In it are the titular Chinese herbs. The former is said to boost the immune system while Schisandra is noted for its calming qualities—so much so imbibers are allowed only one of the beers per visit.

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