Pancakes on a stick, with plenty of sauce too. Photo courtesy My Sweet Little Cakes.

Pancakes on a stick. That's the concept behind My Sweet Little Cakes, a new mobile venture from Jesse and Sheena Lee. The duo will fire up their retro tangerine trailer on February 14 at 1208 Pine Street. 

So, pancakes on a stick? Part of the inspiration comes from erstwhile restaurant the Globe, an establishment Capitol Hill residents—and Jesse, a Seattle native—remember for its stellar flapjacks. 

When the duo decided to open a business together, something mobile seemed the way to go. They settled on pancakes for the concept—Jesse and fiancée Sheena happened to eat at the Globe on its last day, and the experience lingers still; Sheena had an arsenal of home-tuned recipes—but wanted to put their own spin on the dish. After bit of experimentation they were stuffing and sticking the batter. 

The trailer is hard to miss. Courtesy My Sweet Little Cakes.

The Lees worked with Nami Soto, formerly of Andaluca, to develop the menu of hotcakes, seven of which they'll prepare every day. The batter is made from scratch and filled with ingredients both sweet and savory. Among Jesse's favorites: green apple and caramel with pecans; beer and hickory-smoked bacon with maple syrup; and chicken and waffle with maple butter. Dipping sauces accompany every order.  

My Sweet Little Cakes will open at 7am to sate breakfast crowds (and caffeine seekers: there's a housemade chai steeped with three tea bags). The trailer will serve until 5pm and stay put on Pine Street Monday through Friday. In Summer the Lees hope to operate late night and hit the festival and farmers market circuit. In the meantime you'll also find them in front of the Neptune Theatre on show nights. 

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