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Urban Nomad Food Truck Closes

Noodles no more: The city's first food truck dedicated to pasta is off the road.

By Christopher Werner January 22, 2013

Urban Nomad is no longer. Photo via

Posts on Twitter and Facebook hinted at the news, and from co-owner Bruce Pinkerton comes confirmation that Urban Nomad food truck is indeed closing.

"Although successful, the truck was not fitting well with my other operation," Pinkerton offered as explanation. He and business partner Barry Baxter also operate Urban Cafe on Elliott Avenue. "I am currently looking for space to do another brick and mortar, and the truck just was looking incongruent with my longer term business plans."

Pinkerton said he had been contemplating a closure for some time. "A significant staffing issue" on Friday proved the tipping point.

Urban Nomad debuted in early summer with an impressive pedigree—Tavolàta and Top Chef alum Simon Pantet ran the kitchen—and an inspired menu of fresh rigatoni, gnocchetti, and radiatore. It was Seattle's first food truck fully dedicated to pasta. The shutter means just one option remains for those in pursuit of streetside noodles: WiseGuy.

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