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Paleo Food Truck Outside the Box Does Home Delivery

A $15 surcharge gets you an abundance of meals fit for a caveman.

By Christopher Werner January 30, 2013

Spicy shrimp with Spanish cauli rice. Photo via Outside the Box Facebook.

Paleo food truck Outside the Box has yet to make its official debut—that should happen in late February. But in the meantime co-owners Charles Aguiling and Marizel Yuen are accruing a fan base via home delivery. 

Every Sunday and Wednesday evening, usually some time after 7, the two shuttle a total of 20-plus meals to paleo people throughout King County. The concept is rather brilliant. Paleo dieters are religious in their adherence but finding suitable takeout or preprepped meals is next to impossible. Likewise, when the food truck launches it will be the city’s first mobile kitchen dedicated to the diet.

The items occasionally rotate and obviously forgo grains, dairy, sugar, and processed ingredients in favor of produce, meat and seafood, roots, and nuts. By the looks of the menu Aguiling and Yuen, longtime cooks who also operate Cata Catering, know how to elevate an entree. 

Prices hover between $12 and $18 while family-style meals fit for four start at $24.99. A pound of granola goes for $9.50, and a dozen muffins $12. The surcharge is $15 for delivery within the Seattle/Bellevue area, or orders can be picked up at the Outside the Box kitchen in Renton. Get yours in by emailing [email protected]

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