What's for Lunch?

Moonsoon East Introduces Lunch Delivery Service

Work in Downtown Bellevue, Factoria or Kirkland? Start thinking about what you are having for lunch.

By Jessica Voelker March 3, 2010

Boring lunch, you are now banned in Bellevue!

The midday repast just go a whole lot tastier for drones and denizens of the Eastside. Monsoon East is now delivering lunch to addresses in downtown Bellevue, Factoria, and Kirkland.

The service is free if you are okay with it arriving any time between 11am and noon or you can ask for a specific delivery time between 11am and 2pm and pay $10 for the privilege.

There are eight options, all priced between $12-$15. These include Monsoon’s amazing flank steak dish with meat from Painted Hills and a combo of grilled chickens, prawns, and la la lot beef that comes with (be still my hungry heart) a crispy imperial roll. Access order form here. All lunches include a banana bread dessert.

Here’s hoping Seattle’s Monsoon follows suit.

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