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Costly guacamole, Top Chef pie charts, and dangerous leafy greens.

With Seattle Met Staff January 31, 2013

Holy Guacamole.

Grub Street: Guacamole sticker shock, we've all felt it. Here's an economic breakdown of why this seemingly simple food is more often than not a rip-off at restaurants. —Christopher Werner

Slate, Mother Jones: Thank you, Slate and Mother Jones, for injecting welcome nuance into the Great Quinoa Debate, ignited a couple weeks ago when The Guardian ran a piece exposing the fact that affluent Americans' fashionable addiction to the super-grain has made it too expensive for the Peruvian and Bolivian growers to feed it to their own families. To the vegetarian in my life who read that and immediately dropped quinoa like a hot starchy tuber: Read these appropriately complicating pieces—then consider what will happen to the Andean growers if demand evaporates altogether. —Kathryn Robinson

Seattle Weekly: Top Chef geekery and pie charts? Sold! Hanna Raskin crunches numbers on the finalists from the show's past five seasons to determine what mistakes are more likely to send a chef packing. Half of them got sent home for a seafood dish. —Allecia Vermillion

Wall Street Journal: Few things I've read in the past couple months have made me think more about what's at the end of my fork than this item about the food poisoning study the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released this week. A lot of old, unsettling data, of course, like that contaminated beef, pork, poultry, and other meat causes 2.1 million illnesses a year; and that during an 11-year period bad poultry led to 19 percent of food-related deaths. But the far more disconcerting revelation is that every year 2.2. million of us get sick from leafy vegetables. And that the leading accomplices of germ-delivering veggies are food preparers who don't wash their hands.  —James Ross Gardner

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