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Bud Light Lime, mason jar mania, and rapper Big Boi's love of soup.

By Seattle Met Staff January 24, 2013

Drink it up.

Los Angeles Review of Books: I cannot recommend enough Tom Dibblee’s essay “Bud Light Lime, Unlikely Hope”—ostensibly a review of Bitter Brew: The Rise and Fall of Anheuser-Busch and America’s Kings of Beer—in which he both successfully defends his seemingly indefensible love for Bud Light Lime (gross) and walks us through the triumphant but ultimately troubled history of Anheuser-Busch. If you only read 2,414 words this week—and talk of beer and art and globalization is your idea of time well spent, not to mention watching the line between high-brow/low-brow culture turned to goo—you should read this small treatise. Just don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to drink a Bud Light Lime (again, I know, gross), or at least pour one on the curb in Dibblee’s honor. —James Ross Gardner

The New York Times: Why is it that other cities’ examinations of Seattle’s assets makes us look in the mirror in a whole new way? This slide show celebrates the airy charms, many of them gastronomic, of the former garages of the Pike/Pine corridor. —Kathryn Robinson

Atlanta Journal Constitution via Eater: Critic John Kessler wants Atlanta establishments to stop serving cocktails in Mason jars, since those chubby edges don't exactly aid in the enjoyment or olfactory appreciation of a well mixed drink. He even interviews local spirits guy Robert Hess, who says he hasn't seen many cocktails in jars here in Seattle. The takeaway: Robert Hess frequents far more classy drinking establishments than I do. —Allecia Vermillion

Bon Appetit: Rapper Big Boi of OutKast fame is "really into soups right now." This profile gives some insight to his daily routine as a world traveler, husband, and home cook. He's known for his stylish beats, but did you know he "can remix the sh** out of food," too? —Cassandra Callan

Huffington Post: It should come as no surprise that running a food truck is hard work. But HuffPo digs in to look at the hurdles mobile operators face, and will make you appreciate that sandwich all the more come lunchtime. —Christopher Werner

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