Money can't buy love. Or a coffee chain, it turns out. Image via ABC." data-image-selection='{"width":968,"height":1412,"x1":0,"y1":0,"x2":968,"y2":1412}'>

Money can't buy love. Or a coffee chain, it turns out. Image via ABC.

Apparently Dinette is getting swept up in the spirit of change here on Olive Way. Owner Melissa Nyffeler will debut a “late-riser” Sunday brunch on January 20. Scotch eggs, scrambles, chilaquiles, biscuits and gravy, and—of course—those outstanding toasts can be yours as of 10:30am every Sunday. 

Hanna Raskin says that the sample-filled chaos that is the Seattle Cheese Festival won’t be returning this year. The event just got too big for most of the cheese sellers (and in our experience most people were there for the freebies rather than to appreciate the finer points of cheese). However this could be good news for the fledgling Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival. 

Romcom actor, Grey’s Anatomy McDreamhunk and professional handsome man Patrick Dempsey is so worked up about the potential demise of Tully’s that he’s heading up a group that’s attempting to buy the coffee chain. It’s headquartered in Seattle, where Dempsey’s fictional alter ego Dr. Derek Shepherd plies his trade. An auction happens January 3.

In a bitter blow for beer drinkers, California brewery Russian River announced it's suspending its Washington distribution. This means no more Damnation, Supplication, or frenzied appearances of cult hit Pliny the Younger...or Pliny the Elder, for that matter. Seattle Beer News's Geoff Kaiser has more details.




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