Nasi Goreng, Your New Drunk Food

As of January 24, Kedai Makan is cooking in the former Tacos Gringos space.

By Christopher Werner January 23, 2013

Where once came tacos now cometh nasi goreng: fried rice, sweet soy sauce, chili, egg, tofu or pork. Photo courtesy Tiffany Ran/Kedai Makan.

The tradition continues. The barely there storefront at 1510 East Olive Way has long been a beacon for peckish bargoers, and so it shall be when Kedai Makan opens on January 24.

Like former tenant Tacos Gringos, Kevin Burzell and Alysson Wilson, proprietors of the Malaysian enterprise, plan to stay up late: Thursday through Saturday they'll serve until 2:30am; Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday until midnight.

Unlike Tacos Gringos, Kedai Makan's menu boasts some heftier dishes—the signature nasi goreng, pictured here, and stewed beef over rice noodles—and can be consumed at neighboring bar Montana. Other food you may find includes spicy pickled vegetables with peanuts and sesame; Malay style peanuts; roti canai; and tauhu sumbat, crispy roasted tofu dressed in chili sauce.

There's also talk of coconut shakes, which lordy let's hope happens.

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