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 Here's another holiday tradition to add to your list and it’s happening tonight. Tom Douglas’s sixth annual Cookbook Social runs from 4 to 7 at the Palace Ballroom, and the lineup of authors is enough to make hearts sings and mouths water. Local food writers, like Savory Sweet Life's Alice Currah, gluten-free mistress Jeanne Sauvage, local kickass-at-large Jess Thompson, Mon Appetit blogger Cynthia Nim, and artisan expert Leora Bloom (to only name a few) will be there. So will cookbook-writing chefs like Skillet's Joshua Henderson, Lark's John Sundstrom, John Howie, and of course, T-Doug himself (hey, he does have a new cookbook out). Portland’s even sending up restaurateurs Vitaly and Kimberly Paley and cookbook author Diane Morgan. And I think you might have heard of Modernist Cuisine? Yeah, meet the gastronomical powerhouses behind the game-changing tome. Local cookbooks are always a solid gift idea, as is purchasing them directly from the authors and chefs—autographs encouraged. 

Tickets are $20, which includes a glass of wine from Columbia Crest, as well as a few sample recipes from this assemblage of cookbooks. Check out the full list of authors online.

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