The Madrona microshop will soon have seating, and stay open even when the seasons aren't this nice. Photo via Molly Moon's Facebook.

 In summer 2011, ice cream maven (and hip-hop inspiration) Molly Moon Neitzel opened a microshop in the front of the Madrona Laundromat. But since the walkup counter had no indoor seating, it shut down for the winter. 

Now Molly Moon’s is expanding into another portion of the laundromat, adding a handful of seats (about six), and a larger freezer so the shop can carry her full line of flavors by the pint. The expansion also means the Madrona location, which usually has a line out front, can stay open all year. Winter hours start November 8, and the shop will be open Wednesday through Sunday, from 2 to 10. Manager and popular neighborhood fixture Sky Minkoff will be running the show. Don't worry, the laundromat isn't going anywhere.

A remodel at the start of this past summer focused the counter more on scoops—and doubled the profitability of the small shop. “Madrona has shown us that this microshop concept is something we would repeat around the city,” says Neitzel. That's good news for neighborhoods that don't boast as many eateries as, say, Ballard or Capitol Hill. 

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