The Voldemortadella, a fine example of grilled cheese wizardry. Photo via Facebook.

Much like restaurants, food trucks have moments wherein a certain ingredient or foodstuff dominates. Currently that item is the grilled cheese sandwich.

No less than seven trucks offer some rendition of the comfort food classic—likely more, considering daily specials and whatnot. And with three of them, the menu is built entirely around the melts. (According to Seattle Food Truck, another such four-wheeler is on the way.)

So, of those three, which is the ultimate grilled cheese destination? Decide for yourself using the breakdown below (but bear in mind, menu specifics can and do change).

Cheese Wizards
Number of sandwiches on the menu: Six
Number of cheeses on the menu: Six
Cheese choice with the most curd nerd cred: Brie; for the Critical Hit, it's combined with inhouse pear chutney and served on pumpernickel from Tall Grass Bakery 
A "classic" means: White bread and American cheese
Go gluttonous or go home: Thick-cut, pan-seared mortadella is paired with smoked gouda for the Voldemortadella, available with one of seven dipping sauce and bacon for extra. It comes on French bread (for several dollars more make it "giant").
Tomato soup? You bet. But the Happy Ending dessert—Nutella and Wizard-made marshmallow sandwiched between freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and griddled on the spot—is way more fun.

Monte Cristo
Number of sandwiches on the menu: Five
Number of cheeses on the menu: 12+ (several cheesy schmears are available on the side)
Cheese choice with the most curd nerd cred: There's the sottocenere, a truffle variety, but the Black Mambazo is a cocoa-and-chipotle riff on Samish Bay Creamery's signature, Ladysmith. Try it in a torta stacked with aged gouda, peach-jalapeno chutney, and chive Ladysmith.
A "classic" means: Grafton cheddar, New Moon jack, and gruyere slathered on Macrina brioche with spiced blueberry au jus
Go gluttonous or go home: Duck confit, taleggio, fontina, mozzarella, braised greens, lemon aioli, gingered rhubarb jam, and cracklins make for Big Messy Madness.
Tomato soup? Indeed–two kinds, one creamy

The Grilled Cheese Experience
Number of sandwiches on the menu: Five
Number of cheeses on the menu: 10
Cheese choice with the most curd nerd cred: Samish Bay Creamery aged chipotle cheddar; used alongside housesmoked bacon, sundried tomato, avocado, caramelized onion, and parmesan-crusted sourdough for the Super Deluxe
A "classic" means: Three local cheddars on wheat
Go gluttonous or go home: See above
Tomato soup? Organic tomato basil comes in shooter form (50 cents) or a bowl ($3)

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