1,000 Free Oysters and a Ridiculously Good Dining Deal

Coastal Kitchen reopens this weekend and issues free oysters as a reminder. Meanwhile, Madison Park Conservatory cuts prices in half for six password-protected nights.

By Allecia Vermillion October 16, 2012

The site of Thursday's oyster giveaway. Photo via Coastal Kitchen's Facebook page.

 We get a lot of emails about food freebies, deals, discounts, etc. Most are solid; some are better than others. A few are downright awesome. Two such promotions hit our inboxes this week. So if you're in the mood for free oysters or half-priced foodstuffs from a Food and Wine Best New Chef who also happens to be a ringer with the ladies, read on.

1,000 Free Oysters at Coastal Kitchen
Coastal Kitchen
reopens Saturday after an extensive remodel. The sort of remodel that includes a brand new oyster bar.  And so this Thursday, October 18, the restaurant staff will be shucking and handing out 1,000 free oysters on the sidewalk out front. New executive chef Jason Jones, who ran Jones Bistro and worked at Poppy before that, will be heading up the shucking brigade. This extravaganza of free bivalves starts at 5pm. Technically it runs until 7, but Seattle’s oyster-eating proclivities suggest that supplies will run out long before then.

On Saturday, Coastal Kitchen will reopen with a new—larger— cocktail bar, the aforementioned oyster bar, and some other cosmetic changes. A late-night menu is on the way, but Jones has already devised a new seafoodcentric menu, and a “two-buck shuck” feature wherein he chooses one type of oyster each night (regularly priced at $2.50) and offers it for $2 all evening long.

Half Off at Madison Park Conservatory
Establishments all over town are in the throes of Restaurant Week, but Madison Park Conservatory’s Cormac Mahoney likes to play the part of iconoclast. And as long as that role involves half off his menu, that’s great by us. Starting today, the restaurant is offering its entire food menu at half off. No set menus and no limitations. Well, except the very obvious limitation of alcohol. That’s full price, you lush. This so-called Six Days of the Conservatory runs today through Thursday, and picks up again next Tuesday through Thursday, October 23-25. Order the deviled eggs.

So in summary, one of the most lauded menus in the city, with an equally lauded chef at the helm and this talented lady in the kitchen, is half-price. All you need to do is know the password, since Mahoney is apparently on a Six Days of the Condor kick. However securing this password is a decidedly unstealthy process. Just keep an eye on MPC’s Twitter and Facebook around the noon hour; there will be a new one each day.

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