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Pai's Food Truck Will Close at the End of the Month

Owner Pai Pongsupaht is headed to Thailand.

By Christopher Werner September 11, 2012

Pai Pongsupaht parks his Sunny D-colored truck.

September 28 is the last day Pai Pongsupaht will take out his truck, Pai's, and deliver to the people that huli-huli lemongrass chicken. Pongsupaht is headed to his native Thailand, where he will run Tropical Nature, a family, Bangkok-based fruit export business.

Pongsupaht decided early in the year to venture eastward. "I'm the only child of a 65-year-old mom who wants to retire. I love Seattle, but I don't want to regret not spending time with her while she is young-ish and healthy." Pongsupaht considered selling the business, but since the brand carries his name "it wouldn't make sense to have someone else run it." (The truck, on the other hand, he did sell. It's fallen in very capable hands; stay tuned.) 

Pongsupaht says he has fond memories from his years on the road, especially his many regulars and staff. "I remember when my truck was just one of a dozen in Seattle, and now there's about 80 and growing. I feel proud and honored to have been a part of Seattle's food truck movement." 

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