Lunar Spectacles

Seattle's Blue Moon Food and Drink Deals

A reasonably rare occurrence in the sky means free fries and discounted drinks.

By Allecia Vermillion August 31, 2012


Did you get all those "happens only once in a..." jokes out of your system? Good. Now go have some fries.

 Hey, if restaurants can run promotions based on Twilight film releases and Eastwooding, then why not a lunar happening. Look skyward today and you'll behold an actual blue moon, a rare instance of a second full moon within a single calendar month. Sadly the moon isn’t actually blue, but we haven’t seen one since 2010, and another one won’t hit until July 31, 2015.

For the three Blue Moon Burgers locations, marking the occasion was almost mandatory. The restaurants will be giving away free fries with any burger at its Capitol Hill, Fremont, and South Lake Union stores. At Urbane, a specialty blueberry moonlight cocktail (fresh blueberries, St. Germaine, Tanqueray Rangpur, and lemon) will be $8, and blue cheese flatbread will half its usual $12 price. Grab one when the moon rises again tonight shortly after 7, Urbane’s blue deals run through Monday.

The artisans at MillerCoors-owned faux craft brewery Blue Moon also got in on the action, brewing a caramel spice apple ale, the result of  a yearlong contest and designed to release today. So...there's that.

Any other blue moon specials out there today?



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