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First Look: Outlander Brewery and Pub

What once was a house is now a venerable beer drinking destination.

By Christopher Werner August 7, 2012

Beer drinkers seeking respite from some of the rowdier bars out there have a new destination in Outlander. The Fremont watering hole throws open the doors Friday at 5pm.

More than just a place to drink, Outlander is an HQ for co-owner Nigel Lassiter, a six-year home brewer with a penchant for unusual ales. He's set up a nano operation in the basement, where he'll tinker with teas and ingredients such as strawberry, mango, chilies, and peanut butter (apparently to delicious result).

The resultant brews (and another dozen or so bottles and taps) are meant to be enjoyed upstairs in the cozy sitting rooms. When Lassiter and fellow owner Dragan Radulovic inherited the Victorian home, they opted to maintain the antique atmosphere. The old-timey appointments and subtle decor bode well for the mellow hangout they hope to achieve.

Hit the slide show to have a look around.

All photos by photographer Lucas Anderson.


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