Dinette Summer Sandwich Bar Ends This Week

Make haste and get yourself to Capitol Hill.

By Christopher Werner August 7, 2012

Get it while you can. Photo via Facebook.

A heads up Dinette's Summer Sandwich Bar is wrapping up a tad earlier than expected. The Olive Way restaurant will retire the weekday menu this Friday, August 10--not the end of the month as originally floated.

In the two years she's served them, Melissa Nyffeler's stacks have become a warm weather staple and solidified her kitchen as one of the city's best for dressing up slices of bread (makes sense, considering those toasts). The sandwiches have been known to appear on the restaurant's bar menu and at neighboring Montana, so it's not like the next several days are do-or-die till next year. (But we won't judge if you want to binge like it is.) 

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