Philly Boys is located at 3201 Fourth Avenue South, the site of owner John Schofield’s auto shop, A.C. Automotive. Schofield describes the cheesesteak walkup and kitchen commissary building as "Cheez Whiz yellow."

Fresh off a visit to his sandwich-loving hometown, John Schofield is back in Seattle doing what he does best: cheesesteaks. He and his son, A.J., just opened a Philly Boys takeout counter dedicated to the East Coast export. 

The counter is an offshoot of the trailer Schofield, a born-and-bred Philadelphian, launched in March of last year. The menu is the same—you're still prompted to pick white or whiz for your cheesesteak—and may soon expand to include hoagies and breakfast sandwiches. 

In back is the epically proportioned A and J Commissary, which takes the first initials of Schofield and his business partner, Andy Yurkanin (of Andy's Diner renown). The 3,500-square-foot megakitchen (one of the largest in the city, says Schofield) has room for 11 food truckers—you'll find Raney Bros BBQ there, and Fusion on the Run is reportedly coming soon—plus caterers and bakers. The ambitions don't stop there: Schofield is hoping to organize food truck rodeos at the lot.