Shift Change

Ownership Changes at La Bête, Restaurant Bea

Switchups at two notable partner-run restaurants mean new faces in the kitchen.

By Allecia Vermillion July 30, 2012


Here we go.

 Two notable local partner-run restaurants have seen some changes of late. First, on Capitol Hill, chef Tyler Moritz has parted ways with La Bête, one of our unsung heroes, leaving his founding partner Aleks Dimitrijevic running the show, and the kitchen, with sous chefs Morgon Medloc and Jake Vorono.

Dimitrijevic (who is also apparently quite an artist) says the parting happened at the start of June, and was mutual and amicable. The two met while working at Ethan Stowell's dearly departed Union, and originally had a third partner in the restaurant, which opened two years ago this month. 

Meanwhile, in Madrona, Tom Black is no longer in the kitchen at Restaurant Bea. Kate Perry, his original partner in the homey restaurant that opened in late March, is still running the front of house. When I asked who’s in the kitchen now, Perry was torn between not wanting to position Bea as a chef-run restaurant, and her excitement about the chef she does happen to have in the kitchen in the wake of Black’s departure. She settled for telling me, “we have a new chef in the kitchen and we’re excited to be working together.”

Changes abound. I admit, I didn’t press for gory details on either of these splits. Running a restaurant is an incredibly stressful, and personal, proposition, made exponentially more complicated when multiple people are involved. Time for a return visit to both these establishments to scope out the new blood.

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