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Gail Simmons Stops by Canon

The Top Chef judge joins Food & Wine’s Dana Cowin at the Capitol Hill bar.

By Christopher Werner June 27, 2012

Padma, she’s on the move, and so is Gail Simmons. On Wednesday Eater reported the Top Chef judge had stopped by What the Pho in Bellevue. Now we know where Simmons ended the night, thanks to Nosh reader Julia, who wrote in with this intel.

"I’m at Canon and had a Gail Simmons sighting! My husband even bought her drink." What kind she didn’t mention, but: "We haven’t gotten the bill so it might have been an expensive one."

Canon confirmed the sighting on Facebook and offered another intriguing bit: Simmons was joined by Dana Cowin of Food & Wine.

Where to next, Gail?

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