Where it all goes down. Photo courtesy Queen Anne Farmers Market.

The Queen Anne Farmers Market returns June 7, and true to form is delivering all sorts of awesomeness.

This year the lineup is considerably bigger—by 56 percent, actually—bringing the total number of vendors to 50. The full roster of farmers and artisans is on the QAFM site, and among the ready-to-eat stands are up-and-comers Juice Box, Rachel’s Ginger Beer, and Honest Biscuits. Food trucks are once again tapped to park at the West Crockett and Queen Anne Ave intersection. Those include Parfait, Bigfood, Maximus Minimus, Buns, Where Ya At Matt, and Molly Moon’s.

The market runs Thursdays 3–7 but you might consider getting there for the first hour, when vendors will offer deals. "Whatever a farmer has an abundance of," says market rep Maggie Cuevas, noting the food trucks are in on "happy hour" too. "Some great possibilities and different specials every week."